The Misadventurist Vol. 42

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These Women Have Been Penpals for 70 Years, Forging a True Friendship From 10,000 Miles Away

These Women Have Been Penpals for 70 Years, Forging a True Friendship From 10,000 Miles Away. The long-lived letter-writing relationship began in 1950 when 12-year-old Stretton, who hails from Australia, was given Alexander’s address by a family friend who’d recently returned from a visit to Scotland. “The distance is nothing when one has a motive."

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swim with jellyfish in palau

Swim with jellyfish in Palau: Float in the emerald water of a lake in Palau, completely surrounded by millions of jellyfish. Sounds crazy? Palau's jellyfish lake is home to a population of jellyfish with a sting so mild you barely feel it. The island in the South Pacific awaits.


Destination Dreams

charisma suites greece

Charisma Suites. Santorini, Greece: Nested into the cliff, where sun sets into the endless blue of Aegean Sea, this romantic hotel is a portrait of design perfection. One of the few hotels of Oia with direct sunset view. Book Now


Midnight Pool Party - "With You"

The Australian disco duo brings the vibes with an eclectic blend of grooving percussion, alluring pads and swooning guitars. Midnight Pool Party gets the award for best band name in 2021 as well.



beach dad wearing baja llama swim suit

@chi_lo showing all the steez in Sydney, Australia utilizing our Neptune Swimmers pockets as all dads quickly learn they require.


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