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Our Story

The Story of Baja Llama

Who the hell starts a clothing company with the premise of yelling at people for being boring?

Meet the founders Jeff and Sean!

Jeff travels the world, makes questionable decisions, and always strives for perfection in outlandish tasks. He has backpacked around South America and lived in Argentina for a year. He envisioned and created the world famous Naked Tiger hostel in Nicaragua. Also taught business classes in the peace corps & backpacked through Asia with his now wife Kayla. Jeff is currently on a trip with his brother and 2 friends to drive from England to Russia. They will be cutting through Mongolia and the “Stans” as part of the Mongol Rally. He and Sean have been friends for decades and business partners in crime for almost as long.

About Us Party Drive

One day in the midst of selling their spice company (one of many ventures), Jeff looked at Sean and said something to the effect of, "I’m sick and tired of looking at all these boring soulless robots."

Always on a mission to #FightAgainstBoring - Hawaiian shirts, bad ass button ups, and insane prints seemed like the next logical step in this journey.

We spent 1000’s of hours researching fabrics, suppliers, button manufacturers and everything else you can think of. We had to figure out how we could make the ultimate apparel for people that do bad ass sh*t! We envision our clothing being worn for cocktail hour at Tom Fords house in the Hamptons as well as Daniel Ortega’s 5th campaign victory party in Managua, Nicaragua.

Sean is the Yin to the Yang in this long lasting friendship. More low key and mellow, you will usually find him devouring cookies on the couch planning the next big move. Sean has lived in big cities like San Francisco, Paris, and Sydney. Preaching travel and new experiences, you'll find his calendar always booked with adventures to constantly explore and get weird. Unique Hawaiian shirts are the perfect partner and Sean's excited to help spread this magical feel to the masses.

Don't be negative. Don't be boring. We only live once.

execution in design

No senseless details, just details that make our clothes incredible. The world's most insane shirts, made naturally and designed practically so you can be a charger!

comfort and quality

Trying is believing. Give our clothes a chance. We used a slightly heavier, ultra premium fabric for this first round which will last a lifetime. If you don't like it, we'll take it back-no questions asked.

made from nature

The clothing industry often overlooks Mother Nature's materials in favor of cheaper, synthetic alternatives. We think it’s time to change that. We use expensive but insanely comfortable, durable, and sustainable fabric from this beautiful planet of ours.

Making high quality clothing that is not going to F up our planet can be expensive and much more difficult of a process. We believe it is our moral duty to strive for just that - here are a few of our strategies:


We use the most sustainable material whenever we can to do our part to fight against earth's destruction.


Thanks to our friends at CoolEarth®! We partnered with this bad ass charity to contribute a portion of our sales from selected shirts. CoolEarth® is buying up rainforests so your smoke filled lungs can breath a little easier.

Recycled Packaging

We use recycled plastic bags for our shipping. These are also 100% recyclable. Don't be a dick and make sure you do your job. Put the bag in the correct bin!

the worlds best blue underwater narwhal party shirt



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