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Our Story

The Story of Baja Llama

MisAdventure Masters

Baja Llama [Ba-Ha La-Ma] - One willing to go far and say yes in search of adventure and excitement, always in pursuit of an extraordinary life and often consumed by wanderlust.  Highly educated by book or street.

The Baja Llama experience began out of a pure desire to create the worlds most radical apparel, rooted in adventure, art, boundless exploration and an unwavering commitment to Fight Against Boring.  We believe with a forceful conviction that you should go far, say yes, and submit to nothing but opportunity.  

Our specialty is making the worlds finest button-ups with hand-painted prints that tell stories through art.  We traverse the planet on an endless quest for excitement. The result is apparel that represents the exploits of our MisAdventures - meant to convey all that is astonishing, from the depths of our seas, highs of our party and the all-encompassing bewilderment of our existence.  

We are not an adventure apparel company.  We are a company of MisAdventurists that make incredible apparel.

We always put design first so every garment functions at the highest level, from the Mongolian steppe to the Mediterranean beach club, the Bolivian jungle to Baja California and everything in between.

We aim to inspire people to Say Yes, Go Far, Do Cool Shit and Fight Against Boring.  Become a MisAdventurist and join the Baja Llama Experience.


Jeff Anderlite + Sean Kolina


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