MisAdventurist Feature: Christiaan Zweers

Shortly after we started Baja Llama, we met one of the best MisAdventurist on our journey. Christiaan Zweers (@christiaan_zweersis a globetrotting, kiteboarding badass who is known in the Bonaire area as an absolute legend tackling all extreme sports in front of him.

We caught up with Christiaan and asked him a few questions:

- Hey Brother, tell us where you're at right now?

Yooo, what’s good?! At the moment I'm sitting on my balcony just enjoying some fresh OJ, watching the ocean.

- A lot of people have never heard of Bonaire, what do you love most about it?

To be honest I love Bonaire because of the fact that it is surrounded by the ocean. I do a lot of watersports and feel super lucky to be in a place like this where I can just access the ocean in less than 10 mins.


- You seem to be a local legend. Besides Bonaire, where's another place you enjoy kitesurfing?

I’ve been to Europe a lot. My family lives in Holland. There are many spots there. It’s cool if you have a camper van and just go out to explore some lakes, ponds or abandoned beaches in the windy season around Holland.

- For someone who has never tried kitesurfing, why do you think they should give it a go?

Dude, kitesurfing is awesome! There's just so many ways to do it and have fun with it. You can cruise around and just enjoy that or go big and jump 24+ meters.


- What other sports do you enjoy?

You can mostly find me on the water windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding or paddle boarding. Anything with a board usually floats my boat.


- Baja Llama loves to travel and explore the world. Is there a place that you haven't been that you'd like to visit?

Mannnnnn, it’s about time I go to Indonesia. I’ve heard mad stories about how crazy the waves can be and how easy going it is there.

- We love music. Tell us your go-to song that is unique to you or Bonaire.

Recently we’ve had local Bonaire artist Ir-Sais break the internet with his song “Dream Girl”. It’s most def a feel good song. Stay tuned for the new single Chiquita Mala. You can check out some other songs I like here.

- A shameless plug for us. What do you like most about Baja Llama?

Bro, quality! One thing right off the bat is that this merch will last! I can’t tell you how many times I've accidentally ripped a shirt or a pair of shorts just because the quality stinks. Keep it up fellas!



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