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Destination Dreams: Bonaire

Destination Dreams: Bonaire

bonaire sunset

So, you’re thinking of going on a vacation and need to know what gorgeous places are worth your visit. If you’re a little stumped on a place, here’s a recommendation that won’t ever fail: the Island of Bonaire. Beautiful and extremely ethereal, Bonaire is a Caribbean island that lies in the Leeward Antilles. It is a municipality of the Netherlands and boasts one of the most gorgeous and mesmerizing landscapes near the country.

Bonaire: History

Bonaire has an interesting history that explains why the island is so enriched with culture and historical landmarks. Colonized for an entire century after the arrival of the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojeda in 1499, Bonaire underwent a major change, with the indigenous community being forced to move, with only a little left. The remaining indigenous community was once again colonized, this time by the Dutch in the early 1620s. The island was transformed into a government plantation where African slaves, Indians and convicts were forced to cultivate the land. Just before the second world war, Bonaire freed all government and private slaves, before it came under the German occupation of the Netherlands Antilles. In 2010, the Netherland Antilles was dissolved, and Bonaire earned itself the status of separate municipality.

bonaire town

Fast forward a few years, Bonaire is now one of the most underrated places with several historical landmarks, monuments and more.

Things to Do

Now that you’re up on the history of Bonaire, let’s move to a lighter note and discuss all the things you can do. Since Bonaire is a Caribbean island, it’s quite obvious that activities involved are with the sea and the sun. But here are a few that will truly make your trip worth it:

Scuba Diving

You might be surprised to know this, but Bonaire is known as a diver’s paradise. In fact, Bonaire is the first certified Blue Destination in the world; so, all of its dive sites are extremely healthy and clean. If you’re a sucker for diving and love dive sites that are clear as day, head to Bonaire! Check out our friend Israel Gil cruise through the beautiful sea.


Explore Kralendijk

The capital of Bonaire, Kralendijk is an extremely vibrant town that quite literally shows you colors of life. The town is lined with colorful houses, all different hues of bright colors that are noticeable a mile away; and the town has a beautiful grid that’s easily accessible by foot. You don’t even have to worry about transport. Another thing that makes this town a delightful place is its collection of art galleries, cafes, bars, and arcades.

Take A Boat Tour

It’d be kind of silly to be on a Caribbean island and not explore the sea. So, you can book a charter, get on a boat and sail along the beautiful shore of Bonaire. From wondrous landscapes and views to joyous sea animals awaiting your presence, a boat tour is a delightful idea for anyone.

Go Kite Surfing

Enjoy your happy place and glide freely through the ocean. There's no better way to feel one with nature when you're on the water. Learn from the best and go get amongst it with our guy Christiaan Zweers

bonaire kite surfing

What Makes it Unique/Rare

There are some things that make Bonaire an incredible delight; from unique places to weird activities, here are a few things that make this island pop:

Visit the Pink Salt Pans

On the southeastern coast of Bonaire, you’ll find the most unbelievable and stunning sight yet: pink salt pans surrounded by white as snow salt mountains. This sight is so incredible that tourists have a hard time believing it’s real. If you want to really get amongst it, this is where you go.

pink salt pans

Try Cactus Liqueur

It sounds weird but once you try it, you’ll be amazed. The Cadushy Distillery utilizes the vast cacti population of Bonaire and produces a delicious liqueur from the plant. It offers various flavors and an intriguing tour of its distillery. Definitely something you won’t find anywhere else!


Where to shop

Moana Surf Shop is the place! Benefit from almost a decade of island experience when visiting. Grab a coffee, some advice on choosing the right gear or beachwear, talk about the wind and the waves and get the best tips on how to enjoy your surf holiday on Bonaire! You can find Baja Llama on the walls as well!


Moana Surf Shop Bonaire

What to pack

That's easy. You're heading to paradise so Baja Llama is the only choice. We recommend a few things out of our Desert Collection as you'll not only be able to blend in with the cool cacti around town, but jump in the ocean with style.