The Misadventurist Vol. 13


San Jose’s 19 year old ‘Batman’ is a superhero for the homeless.

Since last summer, the teen has used mainly his own money to purchase supplies. However, his growing presence has many reaching out and wanting to contribute. Besides food, the teen also offers a friendly exchange. What a legend.

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The Man versus Horse Marathon is an annual race over 22 miles (35 km), where runners compete against riders on horseback. The race — which is a shorter distance than an official marathon road race — takes place in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells every June. The event started in 1980, when local landlord Gordon Green overheard a discussion between two men in his pub, the Neuadd Arms. One man suggested that over a significant distance across the country, surely a man was equal to any horse? Green decided that the challenge should be tested in full public view, and organised the first event.



Lauterbrunnen’s thunderous waterfalls and dramatic cliffs have inspired many great writers and poets, such as J.R.R. Tolkien who got the inspiration for Rivendell during a hike to Lauterbrunnen. Read More


The Water Buffalo: Found in our Narwhal Nights swimsuit.

Though Water Buffalo milk is not yet a popular drink in America, it is commonly used to make delicious, Italian-style mozzarella cheeses! If you haven't tried any mozzarella di bufala, it's time to treat yourself.



Baja Llama - Narwhal Nights Men's Swimsuit


"There must have been something that appealed to me and I’m trying to work out exactly what it is… the various piano melodies are just lush, beautiful, divine, perfect (makes me want to go and play/practice/try them on the piano); the lyrics (more spoken words) are fascinating, captivating [they’re words by Ravi Zacharias apparently I found out later]; the beat when it kicks is slow but persistent and it makes me want to move, which can only be good thing, the combination of all the elements just seems to work, hope you enjoy it as much as me!" -Isabel Eeles



@zachschimp hitting the waves with our Desert Trip button up.


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