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The Misadventurist Vol. 10

by Baja Llama on June 05, 2020  in AdventuresDestination DreamsFun FactsMusicNewsletterPlanet ViceThe MisadventuristTravel


Remarkable Teen Leads Peaceful Detroit Protest, Gets Call From Mayor: ‘I saw your leadership; I’m in tears.’

16-year-old Stefan Perez began marching into downtown Detroit with 15 people. More and more joined him until he became an unwitting leader of a large crowd. Above all else, the Michigan teen vowed to keep everyone in line, and get them back home safely.

At the end of the march, after no looting or fights, he urged the protesters to comply with the city’s 8 p.m. curfew so that no one would get hurt.

With a megaphone thrust into his hand, he kept the protesters calm, even though he said “they were scared,” and some of them tried to defy his peaceful intentions.
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In a tradition that dates back to medieval times, the city of Ivrea, Italy celebrates their Carnival with outrageous "Battle of the Oranges." Neighborhood teams wage a citrus civil war using tons of the fruit as artillery in a multi-day battle. Follow Henry Jackson as he tries to survive the battle of the Oranges!



Looking out to see the sculpted dunes of sparkling white gypsum at White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico is otherworldly. The true magic happens at sunrise and sunset when the soft golden light makes the gypsum crystal glow and it’s so quiet and still you feel like the only person around. Read More


The Palm Is a Symbol of Life

The Assyrians believed that the ultimate symbol of eternal life was a tree growing beside a stream. The tree they valued most was the palm.

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“Dance Yrself Clean” is all about holding tension until the last possible second and releasing it in a grandiose way. Not only does James Murphy totally pull that off, he makes the intervening suspense just as entertaining. Its context and placement is perfect: It kicks off the final album of the decade’s best dance-rock band, which so happens to be their most mature and fully formed work.




@christiaan_zweers & @loisjeee about to fly into orbit with our Tropical Radness. Nature is calling.