Destination Dreams: Helsinki, Finland

The White City of the North

Let’s admit it, Finland doesn’t get its fair share of popularity. It’s a shame that it doesn’t frequently make it to the headlines for its beauty because it is truly a gorgeous place to visit. Finland’s snowy white mountains and beautiful cities make it a country that is a must add to your travel bucket list.

Speaking of beautiful cities, Helsinki is the capital of Finland and one city that never disappoints. Perhaps it is the charm that never gets old. Maybe it's the stunning views, or the Viking rich history. Either way, If you've made the journey to the Scandinavian region and Helsinki is one of the stops, you’re in for a good time. Skål!

A Little Bit About Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland and is known for its old-timey charm; gorgeous buildings with intricate architecture and white sand to match the snow in the winters make Helsinki the perfect town straight out of a Christmas storybook.

Helsinki Finland

Midsummer Festival

It's not all winter games in Finland. They are known for its summertime “White Nights,” and Midsummer’s is the whitest of them all. Viewed as the official start of warm weather, Midsummer Eve at the end of June is when many Finns kick off their summer holidays.

So, what do Finns do on Midsummer? Historically, Midsummer was a popular time for weddings, and many people cast fertility or love spells. These days, lighting bonfires and bathing in saunas are two popular ways to celebrate. The party traditions run deep, and countless events and festivals are held all over Finland. Since it’s hard to tell when the night’s over, parties often last well into the wee hours, and many cap them off with a nighttime swim with friends.

Midsummer Finland

Other things to do in Helsinki

Helsinki is a big city, so you might have to spend a few days just to experience one of the popular tourist activities. Whether you’re there for a single day or for a few weeks, here are some things you just can’t skip:

Walk the Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is a stunning, and we mean ethereally beautiful, fortress in Helsinki. It's known for its impressive history, but we do believe you’ll find so much more when you take the popular hiking trails.

There are numerous hiking and walking trails that surround the Suomenlinna and we suggest the one that leads directly up to the Suomenlinna Museum. This hiking trail is perfect for history buffs and nature lovers because it blends both beauty and brains.

Suomenlinna Finland

Visit the Helsinki Cathedral

The Helsinki Cathedral is a Finnish evangelical church that opened to the public in 1852. It displays stunning architecture and holds a remarkable history as it was a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland.

*Make sure to book a guided tour of the place.

Shop at the Market Square

It’s always fun to explore local markets when you’re abroad, but the Finnish Market Square is just about the best place you could go. From farmers selling the freshest vegetables, to bakers passing out delicious treats, the Market Square gives you everything you need.

Finns aren't too fond of meeting up with strangers but the Market Square is one place that will do the trick. Keep that in mind if you're traveling solo and you decide to start swiping right.

Have a Picnic at Esplanade

The Esplanade is a narrow park that brims with green trees and scented flowers in summers, so make sure to spread out a picnic blanket and munch on delicious street food.

What Makes Helsinki Special?

Although you don't hear it come out of peoples mouths as their top destination choice, there's no denying that it is a hidden gem. Finland is a stunning place. Obviously people flock to the country to view the Northern Lights (which is absolutely stunning). With Helsinki, it's known to be the home of beautiful and charming people, always willing to welcome visitors to their humble abode.

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