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Meet Chelsea Kian: Baja Llama Artist

One of our most talented artists on the Baja Llama team is Chelsea Kian. A wanderlust gypsy always keen for an adventure. She currently resides in Guerrero, Mexico. We sat down with Chelsea to give a little more insight on this super talented chica.

What does your artwork represent?

My art represents everyday people, places, or things drawn in my personal style. Usually somewhat altered in a darker or humorous matter.

What inspires you and what connection do you have to your art?

I'm inspired by everyday things. I take an image of something I see and manipulate it into a simpler version of its natural form. This will sound dark and probably weird to most, however, I have always been most attracted to humans and animals that have already died. In an artistic sense I have always found death very beautiful and what is left behind very interesting. As a child I collected many bones and animal skulls and that is what first inspired me to draw. I'm most connected to my art when it has darker and or humorous elements.

How do you make it and why do you use certain materials?

I make my art with black fine tipped markers of different sizes. I use pens because it creates the best result for my type of style. I believe it may also be out of comfort. I first started to draw out of boredom in school so most of my math classes were spent doodling with a pen in my workbook.

We partnered with you because of the unique art you create. What is it that makes you Fight Against Boring when it comes to your designs?

I would say what makes me and my designs "Fight Against Boring" is my ability to find humor or something unique out of an everyday person, place, or thing and create an image inspired by it. This is an ability I never realized I had until working for this company. Illustrating for Baja Llama has opened my mind to creating designs out of my comfort zone. I never would have thought my doodles would be seen by the public. For this I couldn't be more grateful.

Any specifics that you'd like to highlight for the elements you made for us?

I would like to highlight one of the first images I created for Baja Llama. The theme is based off a non-profit animal rescue that reduces the number of stray animals in Mexico. You can find out more about this organization by visiting surfersforstrays.org. This image was extremely meaningful for me as I myself am a huge animal lover. Living in Mexico, I see the number of animals that need our attention and this organization focuses on getting these animals off the streets, mended, neutered and adopted. The image is a skeleton surfing with his skeleton dog. I figured this would be a fun and cool way to get this organization recognized for all their amazing work.

What are some future elements / themes you are working on?

At the moment I'm currently working on some tropical and desert themed patches for hats and hoodies. Some designs for a women's line and some freelance work doing logos with smaller local companies here In Mexico.

Check out Chelsea's designs that we've worked on together and shop her collection here! We're excited to continue to work with Chelsea and share her artistic passion with you all.