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Meet Christiaan Zweers: Baja Llama Ambassador

Our newest Baja Llama Ambassador, Christiaan Zweers, is a globetrotting, kiteboarding badass who is known in the Bonaire area as an absolute legend tackling all extreme sports in front of him.

We sat down with Christiaan to give an update on how he's doing, ....

Hey brother. Tell us where you are at the moment?

Yooo, what’s good?! At the moment I'm sitting on my balcony just enjoying some fresh OJ, staring out into the Caribbean ocean in Bonaire.

A lot of people have never heard of Bonaire, where exactly is it? And what do you love most about it?

It's a hidden gem. It's about 50 miles off the Venezuelan coast and part of the Caribbean Netherlands. To be honest I love Bonaire because of the fact that it is surrounded by the ocean. I do a lot in the water and feel super lucky to be in a place like this where i can just access the ocean in less then 10 mins.

You seem to be a local legend. Besides Bonaire, where's another place you enjoy kitesurfing?

I’ve been to Europe a lot. My family lives in Holland. There are many spots there. It’s cool if you have a camper van and just go out to explore some lakes, ponds or abandoned beaches in the windy season around Holland.

For someone who has never tried kitesurfing, why do you think they should give it a go?

Dude, kitesurfing is awesome! There's just so many ways to do it and have fun with it. You can cruise around and just enjoy that or go big and jump 24+ meters.

What other sports do you enjoy?

You can mostly find me on the water windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding or paddle boarding. Anything with a board usually floats my boat.

Baja Llama loves to travel and explore the world. Is there a place that you haven't been that you'd like to visit?

Mannnnnn, it’s about time I go to Indonesia. I’ve heard mad stories about how crazy the waves can be and how easy going it is there.

We love music. Tell us your go-to song that is unique to you or Bonaire.

Recently we’ve had local Bonaire artist Ir-Sais break the internet with his song “Dream Girl”. It’s most def a feel good song. Stay tuned for the new single Chiquita Mala.

What was your last meal?

I had sushi last night. Classic ‘ole California roll.

A shameless plug for us. What do you like most about Baja Llama?

Bro, quality! One thing right off the bat is that this merch will last! I can’t tell you how many times I've accidentally ripped a shirt or a pair of shorts just because the quality stinks.