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About Us

About Baja Llama

What’s in the name? Baja Llama [Ba-Ha La-Ma] - One willing to go far and say yes in search of adventure and excitement.  Always in pursuit of an extraordinary life and often consumed by wanderlust.  Highly educated by book or street.

The Baja Llama experience began out of a pure desire to create the world’s most radical apparel, rooted in adventure, art, boundless exploration and an unwavering commitment to Fight Against Boring.  We believe with a forceful conviction that you should go far, say yes, and submit to nothing but opportunity.  

Our Story

Jeff and Sean founded Baja Llama in 2018 during a typical golf outing, shooting the shit, reminiscing about their collective years on the road in far off locales,

which resulted in the bright idea to create the world's best Hawaiian shirt company. The focus has shifted from the early days to become a lifestyle brand, meant to take care of all of your clothing and adventure gear needs for any and all MisAdventures. 

We are not an adventure apparel company.  We are a company of MisAdventurists that make incredible apparel. We are also highly committed to improving our sustainability practices and maintaining our strict adherence  of safe and fair working conditions of all employees in our supply chain. We also give back through charitable donations. 

Our aim is to inspire people to Say Yes, Go Far, Do Cool Shit and most importantly Fight Against Boring.  Become a MisAdventurist and join the Baja Llama Experience.


Jeff Anderlite Founder of Baja Llama About Us picture

Jeff's a true global MisAdventurist. He founded the world famous Naked Tiger Hostel in Nicaragua, taught entrepreneurship classes in the Peace Corps, drove from London to Mongolia in a 1999 Ford Fiesta and backpacked and lived in over 60 countries. His job at Baja Llama is to oversee the trajectory of design, growth and implementation of strategies.

Jeff Anderlite - Founder
Sean Kolina - Founder of Baja Llama About Us picture

Live in the moment - explore every crevice! That's been Sean’s driving force for the last decade. Hiking 17,000’ to the Rainbow Mountains and diving around the Roatan Coral Reef are just a couple of adventures under his belt. Working in the marketing industry on 3 different continents has landed Sean the responsibility of making you and your friends covet the Baja Llama experience.

Sean Kolina - Founder

When you think of a multi-talented design guru, you might think of Michelangelo or Leo da Vinci - we think of Richie. He's a smooth criminal who bust on to the scene creating Baja Llama's best prints, digital media, email marketing and various other design related content. Hailing from Ireland, this vagabond will cook you a lamb roast and create a multimedia artpiece of your favorite icons before desert. 

Richie Court - Co-Owner

Design & Art Process

The Process

We’re a bunch of creative MisAdventurists that have traveled the world in search of something great.  Our focus now is creating a global brand through design that will become an essential part of your journey on the road towards excitement.  We start with the world's best materials, undeniably unique prints, details and we finish the process with exacting standards of quality. 

Each garment has its roots in many previous iterations.  Every print that makes it to market has risen to the top of many iterations before it - and every detail is chosen to compliment each other with precision.  

It all starts with an idea.  That idea turns into a sketch, then another, then 10 more until we present it to one of our incredible artists for a mock up.  Many prints are hand painted, all are supremely original and undeniably unique.  What sets Baja Llama a part from the noise is our prints - many of which have hidden meanings and details within. 


The heart of our company resides in the art we create for every article of clothing with a print on it. Even our labels are mini works of art. 

Our specialty is making the finest button ups, swimsuits and t-shirts by leveraging hand-painted prints that tell stories through art. We traverse the planet on an endless quest for excitement and inspirations through experiences, misadventures, people, food, landscape and parties. The result is apparel that represents the exploits of our MisAdventures - meant to convey all that is astonishing and worthwhile.


We always put design first when creating new lines so that every garment functions at the highest level. From the Mongolian Steppe to the Mediterranean beach club, the Bolivian jungle to Baja California and everywhere in between. If the clothing doesn't perform as well as it looks, what’s the point? 

We scour the earth to find the softest, most sustainable fabrics with the best properties for each design application.

We love pockets, heavy stitching, and useful hidden details that take each garment to the next level in terms of functionality and style.