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The Baja Llama Experience


The Name

Baja Llama [Ba-Ha La-Ma] - One willing to go far and say yes in search of adventure and excitement, always in pursuit of an extraordinary life and often consumed by wanderlust. Highly educated by book or street.

An endless pursuit of pleasure

The Baja Llama experience began out of a pure desire to create the worlds most radical apparel, rooted in adventure, art, boundless exploration and an unwavering commitment to Fight Against Boring. We believe with a forceful conviction that you should go far, say yes, and submit to nothing but opportunity.

Our specialty is making the worlds finest button-ups with hand-painted prints that tell stories through art. We traverse the planet on an endless quest for excitement. The result is apparel that represents the exploits of our MisAdventures - meant to convey all that is astonishing, from the depths of our seas, highs of our party and the all-encompassing bewilderment of our existence.

We are not an adventure apparel company. We are a company of MisAdventurists that make incredible apparel.

We always put design first so every garment functions at the highest level, from the Mongolian steppe to the Mediterranean beach club, the Bolivian jungle to Baja California and everything in between.

We aim to inspire people to Say Yes, Go Far, Do Cool Shit and Fight Against Boring. Become a MisAdventurist and join the Baja Llama Experience.



Jeff Anderlite


Co-Founder Jeff Anderlite has spent a lifetime traversing the earth in search of excitement. Before embarking on the Baja Llama experience he founded the world famous Naked Tiger Hostel in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, lived in Argentina, taught business classes in the Peace Corps, back packed through S.E. Asia and mot recently rove across 21 countries from London to Mongolia as part of the Mongol Rally.
This thirst for adventure and his unrelenting mind for creation were the perfect catalysts for creating what would become Baja Llama. 

Sean Kolina

Co-Founder Sean Kolina has always be the coolest cat in the room. Having been part of start ups for years in the tech, food and beverage, and online advertising, has culminated in a skillset apt for helping take Baja Llama to the next level!


Richie Court


Richie has been a key cog in Jeff's eccentric design wheel from back in their Naked Tiger Nicaragua days. He's a multi-media design guru based around the world. Originally from the world famous epicenter of cold ones (Dublin, Ireland) he spends many months of the year in Portugal, Mexico and Bali, using the warm weather, beautiful people and easy vibe cultures to be the muse for his incredible designs. He hand sketches, paints, uses digital design programs and a host of other tools to create and oversee Baja Llamas breadth of design needs. And ladies...this stunner is still single. Inquires should be sent to Richie@BajaLlama.com

Our Design Process

Design process for hawaiian shirt print
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Ideation - Story Telling

It all starts with an idea. That idea turns into a sketch, then another, then 10 more until we have a presentable idea for the team to analyze and either proceed with or table. What sets Baja Llama apart from the noise is our prints, many of which have hidden meanings and details within. When we curate a garment or line, we bring story to the forefront to help in cohesiveness and intrigue. We tell stories through art and these stories typically have roots from our MisAdventures abroad.

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Materials & Fit

We start by painstakingly sourcing the softest, highest quality materials we can find. We have 2 fits to cater to almost any body type. Each size in our run is fitted specially for the size - most manufacturers make their Medium or Large and use set grading rules to make the final fit for the rest of the sizes, but this can produce sizes in the run that aren't always desirable.

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Trim - Details - Testing

Each garment has its roots in many previous iterations. Every print that makes it to market has risen to the top of many iterations before it, and every piece of trim (buttons, labels, etc.), design detail (collar, pocket etc.) is specifically chosen to compliment each other with laser like precision.

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Final Product

We use culmintate all of these design elements to make a final product that can acurately tell the intended story. W

The Future looks bright

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On the Horizon


We are in a rapid rate of growth in our product development which will yield a whole new range of products from hats, t-shirts, bathing suits and more. Make sure you join our news letter to stay up to date as new product releases become available.

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Sustainability & Growth

We are small, young and hungry to grow our brand with the positive ethos for which we like to subscribe. Our current supply chain is ever evolving and one of the most important pieces of this evolution for us will be to phase out any materials, manufacturing process and human involvement that isn't as clean and ethical as possible. We understand we are no where near where we need to be, but rest assured we are, and will continue to make sustainability a permanent priority for our company.

While we transition to becoming a more sustainable company in our design and manufacturing processes, we have implemented a permanent collection of rotating products called Prints + Purpose. This collection gives back to charities that fight ocean pollution, air pollution and poaching. Please Learn more about our social responsibility here.


100% - Premium Quality Guaranteed

Take a chance on us and we will treat you like the amazing supporter you are. We offer Free 30 Day returns with shipping. We promise to take care of any questions, concerns or issues you may have with impeccable kindness and consideration.