Top 5 Attractions in Tallinn, Estonia

Top 5 Attractions in Tallinn, Estonia

Top 5 Attractions in Tallinn, Estonia#Tallinn

Posted by BAJA LLAMA on Monday, January 15, 2018


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is well known for its cheerful people. Covered with beautiful cobblestone, it’s a staple for visitors flocking to Eastern Europe. Music festivals have brought the youth out to play. Global companies such as Skype have opened their main offices in the town.

Skype … Who’d a thunk it?

Here are our top 5 attractions while visiting Tallinn, Estonia


1. Tallinn Hall Square
Has been a market place and the center of Tallinn since the Middle Ages. Placed in Tallinn Old Town.

2. Estonian Open Air Museum-Tallinn
The Museum consists of 14 farms, a church, school house, & mills. All provide an overview of how people lived in the 18-20th centuries.

3. Kiek in de Kök Museum
Strong medieval fortification tower Kiek in de Kök, now houses a museum that tells stories about the history of Tallinn.

4. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
An Orthodox Cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town, built in the Russian Revival style.

5. Tallinn Christmas Market
Christmas market held every year in Tallinn, from the last week of November to the first week of January.

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