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The Great Sultan – Granada, Nicaragua

February 15, 2019

colorful granada nicaragua

Granada is one of those cities that when you arrive, the camera is the first thing you reach for in hopes of creating your own picturesque postcard. It’s colorful, vibrant, and has an infectious small town vibe. It’s home to multiple beautiful Spanish colonial landmarks and Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral (Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción).

Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral, Granada Nicaragua

Granada was discovered in 1524 by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba which makes it one of the oldest colonial settlements in Central America. It was nicknamed ‘The Great Sultan’ in honor of it’s Moorish namesake in Spain. Granada’s position on the Lago de Nicaragua made it a trade center almost from it’s inception. This made Granada a powerhouse when it came to trade but also a target for pirates who attacked the city three times from 1665-1670. Unfazed, Granada grew richer and more powerful while retaining it’s beauty and architectural masterpieces to this day.

It’s one of the more touristy locations in Nicaragua – but in a good way. It’s a town that shouldn’t be passed up and should be enjoyed by everyone. Below are some tips on how to enjoy your time while in Granada.

  • Simple, take in the city – It’s hard not to fall in love with the colorful colonial architecture. You could be an amateur with your camera, but it won’t matter. The vibrant colors that blanket the city will provide you memories and make you smile for a life time.
colorful buildings in Granada, Nicaragua
via Breakaway Backpacker
  • Visit Laguna De Apoyo – Think big warm, blue lake! It’s clean and thermally vented 48-square kilomenter body of water contained inside the crater of the Apoyo Volcano.
Laguna De Apoyo, nicaragua
via ApoyoLodge
  • Tour the churches – No need to be religious, just admiring the architecture is enough. For a beautiful view of the city, climb the bell tower in Iglesia Merced. It’s also one of the oldest churches in Central America. Then you have to stroll over to the iconic Cathedral and Iglesia Guadelope.
Iglesia Merced bell tower in granada nicaragua
via Trover
  • Get Married! – Baja Llama’s co-founder Jeff and his wife got married in Granada. It was the most beautiful wedding all of us have ever been apart of. Need proof? Check some of the photos below. Is that any good?!
bridesmaids in granada, nicaragua
wedding reception, nicaragua
wedding kiss in nicaragua
Hawaiian shirts in wedding, baja llama nicaragua
group picture, wedding in nicaragua

The final picture captures it perfectly. Don’t be silly and book your next trip to Granada. And cheers always from the Baja Llama family!

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