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I Wish I Was Wearing Baja Llama – Granada, Nicaragua

by Baja Llama on December 24, 2017  in Travel

What’s one thing you should pack when traveling to a destination wedding? A damn Hawaiian shirt. Can you believe that I traveled through the tropical country of Nicaragua without the style and comfort of a high quality Hawaiian shirt? What an idiot!

Nicaragua is filled with beautiful lush greens, warm water, and traveling nomads from all around the globe. Traveling from the beaches of San Juan Del Sur to the colonial landmarks in Granada, was an amazing adventure.



Jeff Anderlite – the brains behind Baja Llama got married in Nicaragua in 2016. To think that 100+ people from around the world flew in to take part in this celebration shows that he’s pure gold and you should support the Baja Llama vision.


Getting married on a private island – Check
Taking boats to the reception – Check
Dinner, Drinks, Party favors, & DJ – Check
The most outrageous wedding of the century – Check

And to think I didn’t have a Hawaiian shirt to experience this in. I was in a long shirt button down with a tie. I mean I looked great, but I didn’t feel great. You want to know what feels great looks like? Just take a peak below at these two legends.


The value of having a great shirt is second to none. You think the mother of this baby would let me hold her? Absolutely not. I didn’t have a Hawaiian shirt. Don’t be that guy. Always pack one of our Baja Llama shirts when traveling to a destination wedding.

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