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Glass Sleeping Pods in the Sacred Valley

February 07, 2019

The Sacred Valley in Peru offers some of the most breathtaking views in the world. You wouldn’t think anything needed to be added to enhance this already perfect experience.

Wrong. How about throwing up a few transparent glass pods that cling to the side of the mountains highest peaks? And so they did. Ario Ferri is the developer who’s an avid rock and mountain climber from Carhuaz, Peru. The pods are suspended 1,200 feet overlooking the valley. He built the “hanging hotel” to allow travelers without serious climbing experience to feel what it’s like to have a mountain adventure, as well as for accomplished climbers to enjoy.

glass pods peru
Courtesy Video Vision 360/Natura Vive

A couple of us were able to experience the climb and soak up the mystical views over the heartland of the Inca Empire. It is an adventure that you do not want skip over. You’re able to choose between two routes, both which take a little over an hour. It requires some climbing and upper body strength, but nothing overwhelming. If we can do it with a solid hangover and 3 hours of sleep, you surely can.

climbing up the mountain side in the sacred valley

Once you get to the top, you’re treated with a delicious lunch, wine and dessert. The views are spectacular and you feel a great amount of accomplishment peering out to the valley. It’s one of the best bonding experiences you could have with friends and family.

lunch at the glass pods in peru
Source: Skylodge Adventure Suites

One thing you kind of forget while daydreaming at the top is that you have to come down. Ziplining is definitely the option you want to choose when given the option. I’m sure the majority of you have ziplined before (we have), but this was different. There were six in total and man were they fun. Not only do you have the views of the Sacred Valley, but they are super long distances and you fly. Below is a personal video of our co-founder Sean gliding through the air.

If it’s adventure you’re after, you must give scaling the glass pods a go. It’s on your route to Machu Picchu anyways so knock them both out. If you’re lucky, and book far enough in advance with the option to stay the night, DO IT! Nothing more magical than stargazing from the glass pods suspended 1,200 feet in the air.

If you really want to be a legend – scale up the mountain side with our Dr. Yessir monkey shirt. Talk about classic photos that will last a lifetime!

Check out our short video of when team Baja Llama visited Peru last year. We’re all excited to go back!

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