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Getting Weird With Mannequins

June 28, 2018

After a tremendous weekend in Cancun celebrating a bachelor party, I thought i’d drive down to Playa Del Carmen and relax for a couple of days after the debauchery. We’ll get into the town of Playa Del Carmen one day, but this post is solely dedicated to the outrageous ambiance of Hotel Reina Roja in Playa Del Carmen.

Arriving to the hotel you feel like you’re about to step into the red light district in Amsterdam. It has a dim red light throughout the hotel and beautiful girls everywhere. Right when you walk in, a gorgeous model is laying on the bar with a motorcycle helmet to greet you. Well… that was my initial thought.

When I got closer, it was just a MANNEQUIN! I swiveled my head left to right and noticed there were 10 more sitting around the hotel having a great time. Some locked in cages, some laying on couches. What a spectacle!



Check in was a breeze. I got a wristband that gave me open bar until 10pm every night. WHAT?! I waved to my new mannequin friends on my way to the elevator. One greeted me as I exited the elevator.



First thing I did was ask myself which Baja Llama shirt would best suit this adventurous environment. There was no question, Dr. Yessir Monkey Shirt was my pick. The red glasses fit perfectly with the vibes and the red light hovering.



Lets just say it was a hit. Someone offered me $200 to keep it. A smart businessman would have taken it, lucky for him I’m still learning. Instead I gifted it to him for free. I could tell he was fighting the good fight – boring was not in this guys vocabulary and he would represent the Baja Llama brand well.

Moral of the story – you can get weird anywhere. Just make sure you have a bad ass shirt ready.


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