Why Choose Baja Llama’s Neptune Swimmers

baja llama swim trunks

Baja Llama’s Neptune Swimmers pre-sale is live! As always, we are proud to offer a wide selection of styles and colors. With this year’s expanded collection, we’ve included several fun details inspired by your comments, reviews, and ideas. Here’s what you can look forward to with the 2021 Neptune Swimmers collection:

Find Your Special Style

The Neptune Swimmers Collection has a pair to fit every taste or style. From custom hand-painted prints and patterns to simple sleek designs, you will find a design that is perfect for you. Whatever you choose, these shorts are perfect for everything from strolling down the beach to sipping on margaritas by the pool. 

Each pair features a left side hidden zipper pocket to securely store your phone, wallet, or the little umbrellas that go in your margaritas. There’s also a back zipper pocket if you need some more space and an internal stash pocket for any private items. In our Neptune Swimmers, you can keep your most important items right by your side, wherever your summer adventures may take you. 

Enjoy Skillful Artistry and Unmatched Sustainability

All of Baja Llama’s shorts are handmade in Manizales, Colombia by artisans. We are committed to making the best high-quality swimwear for every customer. Our Neptune Swimmers are at the top of their game with super soft linings, several pockets to carry all your essentials, SnapDry DWR moisture wicking technology, and 4-way stretch material. The shorts are topped off with branded metal end caps and eyelets, which sets them apart from the rest.

We prioritize using sustainable materials whenever possible, including Organic Cotton, Tencel, Modal, and Recycled Polyester, which lowers our carbon footprint and promotes ethical conditions for factory workers. That means that you can swim in style AND good conscience.

Thinking Beyond Shorts?

We can help you create a whole outfit! At Baja Llama, we also boast collections of printed tees with water based dyes, as well as our specialty Hawaiian button up shirts made with sustainable fabrics and materials.

Surf’s Up! Get Yours Today

The presale is now live, and shorts start shipping April 20th! Get ready for an awesome summer with these fun and functional swimmers that can travel with you from the beach, to the city, to anywhere else you’re headed this summer. Head to bajallama.com to check out the collection and order ASAP!

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