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The Misadventurist Vol. 40

by Baja Llama on January 10, 2021  in The Misadventurist


say goodbye to 2020

Say Goodbye To 2020 By Focusing On The Good Things—15 MOST Uplifting Stories Of The Year. The one thing 2020 taught us is that human beings want to be together and that humanity wants to pull together. No matter how 2020 tried to pull us apart— here we are, continuing to push and be stronger than ever.

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sydney australia new years

New Years Eve Celebration. Sydney, Australia: 
Sydney's NYE Party is one of the largest and most advanced fireworks display anywhere on earth. They spend a budget of $7 million on eight tons of fireworks and it takes 15 months of planning for Sydney to enter the New Year in a haze of explosions.

Destination Dreams

rocky oaks vineyard malibu ca

Rocky Oaks Vineyard. Malibu, California: Hand picked and meticulously maintained by the same team of professionals since conception, the vineyard has become one of the most recognized and awarded in the region.

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Daft Punk - One More Time: The mix of warm synth chords, churning four-on-the-floor drums, and an emotive vocal performance make "One More Time" just as indispensable for NYE's 2020 as it was for NYE 2000. 



group of friends in Guatemala

A herd of llamas ringing in the New Year with excitement for 2021. All wearing Baja Llama gear. This is the attitude we like to see.

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