Mt Joy x Baja Llama Swimsuit Collaboration

Mt. Joy band

We teamed up with indie rock band Mt. Joy to bring the original cover art of their album "Strangers" to life on our best-selling trunks.

A swimsuit that feels as good as it looks—and looks as good as it sounds. You won't find anything like it.


mt. joy and baja llama swimsuits

6" Volley trunks made with premium 4-way stretch Universal Lycra fabric and SnapDry DWR moisture-wicking tech to provide supreme comfort. Add two streamlined zipper pockets and a secret stash pocket to provide easy functionality wherever you go.

mt. joy swimsuits

Mt. Joy is leading the charge in bands using their platform to stand up for social justice. They are constantly organizing fundraising efforts and donating portions of their revenue to causes like COVID relief.

They have big hearts, great tunes, 
and now, epic trunks.


mt. joy band

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