Llamas Take Over Surf Expo

It’s 2020 our misadventurist friends and Baja Llama came in HOT showcasing who we are at the biggest Surf Expo in the world! We dubbed ourselves the Last Minute Llamas as we figured out our flawless execution as we went.

The experience was invaluable for us. We were able to meet the most radical people in the industry and create new partnerships and collaborations that will contribute & accelerate our growth.

We flew our head artist from Ireland and he captivated people by hand-drawing our upcoming animal print for our cThe amount of people that stopped to admire the llamas was amazing. Our art first strategy struck a chord with many buyers as they realized our prints are incredibly unique and can't be found elsewhere.


We went to the expo with a low profile but came out of the show with new friends, partnerships, exposure, and a plan for 2020 that is going to rock your world! Keep an eye out for our amazing collaborations coming soon plus a list of new stores Baja Llama will be in. We'll be rolling out new button ups, swimsuits, t-shirts and hats on our website www.bajallama.com in the upcoming months! Follow us on Instagram @BajaLlama & join us for the ride.



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