Hawaiian Shirt Outfit Ideas For Women

A Girls’ Guide to Rocking...rocking what?! Rocking a badass Hawaiian party shirt from Baja Llama.

Aloha shirts aren't just for your 75 year old grandfather anymore. They are coming out of retirement. And they are coming in hot. So dust off the cobwebs and put a record on (May I suggest. Beach Girl - by Marty Nickel) and strut yo’ stuff girl.

17 fun, fresh, and funky ways to rock a Baja Llama Aloha Shirt

  1. Grab a pair of daisy dukes and a crop top. Wear your favorite Aloha shirt unbuttoned over top. Now throw on some chunky tennis shoes, cowboy boots, or your flip-flops for an ultra flirty style.

    girl wearing cactus shirt in the desert

  2. Tuck your Llama M.D. shirt into some skinny jeans, add some sweet kicks, and a funky headband, for the perfect music festival look.

  3. Tie your shirt above your navel, add white pants and your favorite shoes. Add a cute hat to round it out - innocent yet sophisticated.

    girl wearing a hawaiian shirt and hat for a sophisticated look

  4. Grab a high-waisted denim skirt, some sparkly sandals, and a neutral bag to feel , flirty and fun. Where it fully tucked it, partially, or completely loose.

  5. Grab your swimsuit and your shirt and hit the beach or closest waterfall adventure - sans pants.

    hawaiian shirt at the waterfall

  6. Skip the buttons, adding a little sex appeal, and throw it over matching pants. (I mean button at least one button or better yet use some fashion tape to keep the girls teasing and not taunting).

  7. Use it as a mid-layer. Wear it over a white tank and under a leather or denim jacket for those colder months.

  8. Business on the brain , try tucking it into jeans for a simple yet stylish look.

    aloha shirt tucked into jeans

  9. Tuck it into a pencil skirt and add chunky boots to complete the look: Rock’n’Roll professional.

  10. Have an oversized shirt? Slip it on over a snug fitting shirt and pants combo. Add penny loafers or chunky shoes to make a bold statement.

  11. Feeling brave? Take an extra large shirt and add a belt. That’s it.

  12. Hey sexy, throw it over your lingerie to create a playful seduction.

  13. Take some skinny jeans, a Hawaiian shirt, tie a playful belt around the high waist, a summer flop hat and some cute slides for a night on the town.

  14. Layer a tight fitting shirt under a business suit, for a professional look with some pizzazz.

  15. Tie it around your head for stylish hair protection.

  16. During the winter, layer it over a long sleeved thermal and boots, to keep those island vibes even in the dead of winter.

  17. Put it on your dog— they like to party too.

There are a million and one ways to style an Aloha shirt to meet your fashionista needs. Send us your favorite ways to sport Baja Llama to be featured on our Instagram page.

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