Destination Dreams: Joshua Tree

A Little About Joshua Tree National Park

All around Joshua Tree, you’ll find the namesake trees which are native to the neighboring Mojave Desert. Joshua Tree National Park was declared a national monument in 1936, but it was considered a national park under the California Desert Protection Act in 1994. It is home to parts of the Mojave and the Colorado Desert, and even boasts the Little San Bernardino Mountains. With deserts, mountains, and rocks, for a nature lover, a place like Joshua Tree is more than just an ordinary destination.

Things to Do At Joshua National Tree Park

Here are all the great things you can do at Joshua National Tree Park:


For all adventure lovers who take a liking to great views and difficult tracks, Joshua Tree offers comfortable and gorgeous hikes. It has several hiking tracks ranging from low to high level difficulty, but what you’ll really love is the bright blue sky, the stunning mountain backdrop, and all the plants visible along the way.

Take A Desert Scenic Ride

If you’re a sucker for great views but hate having to exercise that much, get your hands on a desert-friendly vehicle and set off along the National Park's main road. You can even go off-the-road along some pretty scenic paths including the Black Eagle Mine road or Twentynine Palms.

Pitch A Tent

Joshua Tree National Park has amazing places to pitch a tent and sleep in for a night. The park boasts some of the most breathtakingly clear nights, so you’ll be able to stargaze before you sleep. You can wake up early in the morning and even witness a beautiful sunrise, and then go for some brekky sausages roasted on an open fire. Don't forget the tequila!

Spot Your Favorite Bird

All bird lovers know the delight of spotting a gorgeous native creature, and if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of quite a few of them, you’re in luck. Joshua Tree National Park is home to cactus wren, greater roadrunner, verdin, Gambit’s quail, LeConte’s thrasher, oak titmouse, ladder-backed woodpecker, and the northern mockingbird among 250 species of birds. Talk about diversity!

What Makes Joshua Tree National Park Unique?

Joshua Tree is a goldmine for its natural landscape and unique location. But here are a few things that truly make it shine:

  • Astronomy: The park is a popular stargazing and observing site when it comes to amateur astronomy, and rarely experiences disappointing seeing conditions.

  • Brilliant Climbing Spots: The park is home to a gorgeous mountainous range and boasts high rocks all around, making it a prime spot for climbing. The Old Woman Rock is one of these stellar points.

  • Amazing Wildlife: The park houses a diverse wildlife including ground squirrels, lizards, coyotes, kangaroo rats, black-tailed jackrabbits and more

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