The Misadventurist Vol. 26


89-year-old pizza deliveryman gets surprise $12K tip

Derlin Newey works 30 hours a week to make some extra money because his monthly bills cost more than his social security covers. “How do I ever say thank you? I don’t know what to say,” said an emotional Newey.

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songkran water festival

Songkran Water Festival - Thailand: It is the festival that offers loads of excitement while welcoming the traditional Thai New Year with remarkable water splashes and getting all soaked up. Water is used to cleanse all negativity and is also a symbol of fertility.

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Temple Farmhouse, byron bay australia

Ultra private accommodation set atop the rolling hills of Nashua. 75 acres for you to explore with complete privacy and seclusion, whilst only an 8 minute drive to the beautiful town of Bangalow.

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squid baja llama artwork

The Squid: Found in our Narwhalled Collection.

Squid are known to inhabit almost every major body of saltwater on the planet and even some bodies of freshwater. Many squid are adept at surviving in cold, oxygen-deprived waters deep below the surface. That's why we chose them to be our cocktail serving bartenders in our prints.


Cherub - Doses & Mimosas: Sometimes we all have to unplug a bit and just have some fun because it's beyond healthy to smile and laugh. Be like Cherub and throw on your golden underwear, grab your mimosas & celebrate this weekend.



baja llama fan

wearing the best shirt in the joint & enjoying a delicious cocktail. Dive Deep in our Dive School Purple button up.

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Destination Dreams: Kelimutu Volcano Lakes, Indonesia
Nestled amid the lush jungle of Flores Island, Kelimutu offers one of the most spectacular and mystifying sights on Earth - three crater lakes each with stunningly distinctive colored waters. The tri-colored lakes are considered sacred by locals and represent the afterlife destinations of young people, old people, and evil spirits.
A Few Pink Friends. Peruvian Treasures Capsule - Part 2
As a part of our Peruvian Treasures Collection, A Few Pink Friends (one of our latest prints) was created to highlight the incredible wildlife only the Amazon could produce. It highlights a few, amongst the many, of the native species in the Amazon we came to admire, including the pink dolphin, the owl monkey, and the passion flower Passiflora.
Baja Llama Partners with Guadua Bamboo

Bamboo is making a name for itself as a viable solution while still having a green footprint. We first became interested in Guadua Bamboo for their steps towards helping the planet with reforestation, carbon sequestration and using bamboo as an alternative source of wood and fabric.

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